Margaret Dolan

Specialist Procurement Pharmacist, NHS Commercial Solutions


Maggie achieved her BSc pharmacy at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, and a diploma in clinical pharmacy from Strathclyde University in 1991. She has many years of experience as a hospital clinical pharmacist primarily in Scotland. She was Chief Pharmacist in Edinburgh in both the adult (West Lothian NHS Trust) and paediatric (Edinburgh sick Children’s Hospital) settings over the period 1993–2005.

Throughout her career she has developed a keen interest in the safe, effective and cost-effective procurement of medicines to the benefit of both individual patients and the NHS economy. Her current role is as Regional Medicine Procurement Specialist for the South East Coast of England.

With the emergent role of biosimilars in therapy in the UK she has embraced the challenge of the introduction of biosimilars in the NHS in England. She is a member of the NHS England Biosimilar Project board and chairs the NHS Biosimilars Group,