Lesley Sheen

Nurse Consultant Chemotherapy, Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust


I qualified as a nurse in 1998, after working in surgery for 6 months I pursued a career in Oncology & Haematology. During the first 5 years I developed knowledge, experience and clinical skills in caring for patients undergoing chemotherapy for oncological & Haematology cancers, including high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation.

In 2003 I furthered my career as a Lymphoma Clinical Nurse Specialist and in 2013 I joined the Colchester hospital NHS trust as a chemotherapy nurse.

In September last year I was very excited to take up the position as ‘Nurse Consultant for Chemotherapy’ at Colchester hospital. A key component of my role is to ensure health professionals involved with handling and administration of cytotoxic chemotherapy have an understanding of the potential risks of exposure, undergo training and competency to ensure a safe standard of practice is delivered.

Professional qualifications include Diploma in Nursing Studies, BSc (Hons) Nursing Practice, and Non-Medical Prescribing. I am continuing with further modules at the University of Essex in October to complete my MSc.