Emily Rose Parfitt

Specialist Pharmacist, North Bristol NHS Trust


Emily’s career began with a band 6 general rotational post at North Bristol NHS Trust before she started her clinical diploma in pharmacy practice at the University of Bath.

After completing the diploma, she progressed to a specialist pharmacist post in Rheumatology; a specialty that excited her due to the high level of R&D and the opportunity for face-to-face contact across patient care.

Now 4 years into her post, she has implemented new pathways and protocols to improve patient safety with efficient utilisation of resources and she is always looking for new ways to develop services.

Emily is a qualified independent prescriber seeing patients with a number of different Rheumatological conditions in the outpatient setting.

She is also responsible for managing the prescribing and monitoring of biologic therapy and works closely with the pharmacoeconomics team to ensure appropriate remuneration for high cost PbR excluded drugs.

In 2015 she was named the National Winner of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s ‘I Love My Pharmacist’ competition due to her excellent level of patient care and implementation of a new biologic therapy prescribing and monitoring pathway, which improved patient safety and cost efficiency.