International Glaucoma Association

About the International Glaucoma Association
The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) is the only charity in the UK dedicated to people with glaucoma. Glaucoma is the most common cause of preventable blindness in the UK, estimated to affect 600,000 people with half of those undiagnosed.
We fund research, raise awareness and provide support so that people can live well with glaucoma. We are funded entirely by voluntary contributions.

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Charity registered in England and Wales no. 274681 and Scotland no. SC041550

HIV Pharmacy Association

HIV Pharmacy Association offers support, ongoing education, training and networking opportunities for its members to improve personal and professional development, for the benefit of patients, pharmacists and technicians.

British Pharmaceutical Students' Association

The British Pharmaceutical Students' Association (BPSA) is the only organisation that solely represents pharmacy students and pre-registration trainees across Great Britain. As the official student organisation of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the BPSA aims to promote the interests and welfare of pharmacy students and pre-registration trainees. The BPSA regularly represents students’ and trainees' views in pharmacy media, in meetings with individual stakeholder organisations and by responding to consultations which may have a current or future impact on BPSA members. The BPSA has a membership of approximately 15'000 students and pre-registration trainees. As well as representing pharmacy students and pre-registration trainees, the BPSA aim to engage, inspire and empower it's members.

UK Ophthalmic Pharmacy Group

The UKOPG (established in the 1990s) provides an online discussion forum for specialist and non-specialist ophthalmic pharmacists from both primary and secondary sectors. Biannual meetings are held to discuss best practice and further develop the current workstreams, clinical experts also attend to deliver specialist interest area teaching to our members. The group and its members are considered the experts in ophthalmic pharmacy and are involved in many national projects. These include development and prioritisation of ophthalmic specials/unlicensed products to fill the market gap, contribution to NICE guidelines and quality standards, development of RPS accredited training for non specialist pharmacists, contribution to royal college of ophthalmologist guidelines and workstreams. The group also has a partnership with Medusa, with an intraocular injection coordinator in post to create intraocular injectables monograph to standardise practice nationally.

Hospital Pharmacy Europe

Launched in 2001, Hospital Pharmacy Europe is a market-leading brand serving a highly-engaged audience of 12,000 Hospital Pharmacists across Europe.

Hospital Pharmacy Europe magazine – affectionately known by its readers as the ‘Purple Journal’ – delivers a potent combination of timely news and definitive, informative clinical articles in every issue.

Hospital Healthcare Europe

Launched in 1998 in conjunction with the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE), Hospital Healthcare Europe is a highly-engaged market-leading brand serving a audience of over 17,000 hospital Chief Executives and Departmental Directors across Europe.

The Hospital Healthcare Europe annual publication is an indispensable resource for best practice information, pan-European guidelines and clinician-authored case studies of today’s leading medical centres in Europe. In short, we know Hospital Managers.